Friday, December 13, 2013

Jake Takes A Bow

For me, my brain seems to become over-active regularly twice each day.  Firstly when I'm in the shower, secondly as I try to get to sleep.

Why these times I don't know, and believe me I wish I could understand where some of the subject matter comes from.  I struggle to see what the urgency/importance is in rehashing some plot line from a TV program I watched 3 days ago, but for some reason I need to address this instead of just gently falling off to sleep.  And I'm sure what part of the section is next for attention could wait until the morning as well - the shower seems more appropriate for that.

One subject that has however crossed both periods of extra brain activity over recent days has been Jake.  When I went to the Doctor's a week or so ago, she pointed at the scar and for a brief moment she forgot what it was there for.  I've paid scant regard to the scar myself of late as it is largely just a war wound, so had a minor chuckle over Tatiana's lapse of memory.

Why then has my brain decided that I need to think about Jake now?  I have no idea.  I could probably construct one or two wild theories, but the only thing that seems to make any sort of sense is season related.  As you can see, I've indeed been devoting some "normal" brain activity to the subject.

Anyway, with Christmas approaching, I can only assume that at some level there is a recognition that 3 years ago I was just relearning to eat and that Christmas was somewhat of an effort food wise.  It took me absolute ages to eat the basics and the diet was somewhat limited.  Now things are virtually back to normal, with the normal caveats regarding limited jaw opening and saliva issues.  Sure, it still takes more time to eat, but the menu is pretty much restored.

Jake obviously was my source of sustenance during treatment and recovery and over time it is easy to gloss over that contribution.  Obviously the Doctor's visit and sub-conscious brain prompting coupled with coming across my old medication plan (which included the Fortisip "feedings") have all transpired to make me acknowledge Jake's part in all of this.

So, here goes,

Jake arrives 19th May 2010

19th Jan 2011 Jake Comes out
No anaesthetic, just deep breaths

Not even any stitches -
will close over naturally within 24 hours they say

The battle scar today

Jake in all his glory

I have Jake at home as a momento, as I do Hugo, and every so often they come out for show-and-tell.

As we head into the Christmas season, I suppose it is only appropriate to be thankful for what we have, and Jake has certainly played his part in keeping me here, for which I will always be grateful. 

One final thought.  The Brain is part of the wondrous machine that is the human body.  What this little exercise has shown me is sometimes it pays not to 2nd guess but just go along for the ride.